Omega Id
Ω Id
First appearance
Xenosaga Episode III

Ω Id ("Omega Id") is Ω Universitas in Id Mode. When in Id Mode the craft changes color from blue to red and projects out bright teal wings of energy similar to KOS-MOS' Third Armament.

It is accessible only near the end of the game after Citrine is defeated aboard the Durandal. She drops a key to the Weapons Development Area of the CAT Facility on Fifth Jerusalem, where the fight between KOS-MOS and Ω Res Novae was held. Revisiting the facility through the EVS, a player can enter the sealed-off section and fight both Ω Universitas and Ω Id.

Trivia Edit

  • Ω Id is remarkably similar in appearance and purpose to Xenogears' Weltall-Id, the powerful and destructive "alter-ego" of the game's central Gear, Weltall.


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