Transmit A.G.W.S.!

Various A.G.W.S.

A.G.W.S.(Anti-Gnosis Weapon System), pronounced "eggs", are significantly downscaled mecha models of A.M.W.S.. They are normally stationed on starships and other cramped places that could not fit a full-scale mecha. Due to their size, Anima Relics may not be installed; therefore, there is no possible way of increasing output to the extent of A.M.W.S. units. A.G.W.S. were designed to respond quickly to Gnosis attacks, which tend to occur with very little warning. A.G.W.S. are powered by a Transmit Generator which draws energy from the powerplant of the starship the A.G.W.S. is stationed on. The mecha uses no physical fuel, nor does it produce its own energy. It is constantly being fed energy by its mothership or home base. Therefore, as long as the A.G.W.S. does not stray from the Transmit Generator's area of influence it can remain operational indefinitely so long as the starship or base is still operating as well.


Shion Uzuki on A.G.W.S. VX-10000.

A.G.W.S come in various forms, which are dictated by their functions. The Federation military's standard issue A.G.W.S. are all fitted with standardized chassis which can be interchanged and customized with armaments and equipment depending the uniqueness of the situation. Military A.G.W.S. are normally built by the enigmatic Hyams Group. Vector Industries' A.G.W.S. are not mass produced and are only available to select buyers. Only certain government Special Ops. units, certain divisions of the military, and wealthy companies or organizations like the Kukai Foundation have access to these models. People like 1st Lieutenant Virgil, Shelley and Mary Godwin, and Jr. are seen piloting A.G.W.S. several times over the course of the game. Protagonist Shion Uzuki and others also have A.G.W.S. available to them in battle but are not seen piloting them in the actual storyline sections of Episode I. A.G.W.S. are not used by the player in Episode II.

Although A.G.W.S. units are similar to the Gears from Xenogears, they are used in a fashion more similar to summoning Aeons from Final Fantasy X. Certain characters may summon customizable personal A.W.G.S. units which are teleported to their current location which may then be piloted and used as significantly more powerful incarnations of the characters at any point in the game.

In Episode I, the play may unlock an A.G.W.S. fighting game with the "Battle Passport".

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