A.M.W.S. (Assault Maneuver Weapon System, pronounced "aims") mecha are larger than A.G.W.S. but not as powerful as E.S. units. The major difference between an A.M.W.S. and an E.S. is that the E.S. are equipped with Anima Relics. Some are manufactured by Hyams Group while others are manufactured by Vector Industries.

Some other A.M.W.S. use melee weapons, but many units are equipped with projectile or energy weapons, such as Astraea, a mobile weapon unit piloted by Doctus in Episode III.

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht Edit

In Xenosaga Episode I, most of the mecha were merely of the A.G.W.S. variety. Besides E.S. Simeon (which in Episode I is not yet equipped with a Vessel of Anima), the only combat weapons that might be classifiable as A.M.W.S. craft are those piloted by the Ace Pilot on board the U-TIC Mothership. By the time represented in Episode II, however, many antagonist factions began utilizing A.M.W.S. units to counter the E.S. robots piloted by the main characters.

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse Edit

Ambush in the City03:32

Ambush in the City

Sctum and Pilum chasing a hover car.

Two popular A.M.W.S. are the Scutum and Pilum, piloted by Ormus/U-TIC officers Hermann and Richard respectively.

Another popular A.M.W.S. was a machine piloted by Jin Uzuki during the Miltian Conflict which was manufactured by Hyams. The green, agile mecha closely resembled the Gear Heimdal which was piloted by suspiciously familiar Citan Uzuki of Xenogears. Jin's A.M.W.S. was capable of slicing other mecha literally in two with its signature weapon, a massive sword. The unit is abandoned after sustaining heavy damage during a battle with multiple rogue Federation A.M.W.S.s and is not seen again.

Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra Edit

Doctus' Astraea was manufactured by Vector.

Episode III database Edit

Short for "Assault Maneuver Weapon System." Pronounced like "aims." A term used for all humanoid assault weapons that work in conjunction with a mothership or escort craft.

Due to a lack of anti-Gnosis equipment, A.M.W.S.s are superior to A.G.W.S.s in both cost-effectiveness and general purpose functionality, and are widely used by the Federation government, autonomous states, the Immigrant Fleet, and other forces.

Within the U-TIC Organization, Richard's Pilum and Hermann's Scutum are both A.M.W.S.s. The unit Jin was piloting during the Miltian Conflict was also an A.M.W.S..

Trivia Edit

  • A.M.W.S. units are similar to the "Gears" from Xenogears. In Xenogears, "Gears" received energy from the Zohar; however, in Xenosaga, A.M.W.S. units do not appear to use it as their source of power, save for the peculiar, glowing green or yellow systems deployed by Ormus and the U-TIC Organization. Even so, their power is limited, as the connection between these craft and the Zohar is thoroughly unstable--only by installing an A.M.W.S. with an Anima Relic can the energy of the Zohar become fully and infinitely accessible.


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