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Stein's Gear: Alkanshel
Isaac Stone
Fused with
Dry Weight
Equipped Weight
Sub-Generator Output
Mn. Generator Coefficient
Operation Time
Frame Durability
Reactive Level
Ether Response
Ground Speed
Flight Speed
Sea Surface Speed
Equipped Weapon

Alkanshel is a titanic grey Gear that was excavated by the Ethos Society shortly before the beginning of the game. Alkanshel was stored in the massive basement complex underneath the Ethos HQ and kept a closely guarded secret from the general public.

Xenogears Edit

During Kahran Ramsus and Myyah Hawwa's introduction, Shakhan makes a passing reference to it and notes that he wants to reveal its discovery to the people of Aveh at the annual Battling Tournament, but he never does (on screen at least).

Bishop Isaac Stone uses it to escape the assault on the Ethos HQ and returns to Solaris with it.

The Gear appears again when Stone, now fused with the Gear by Karellen, uses it to attack the Yggdrasil, hoping to kill Billy Lee Black and the rest of the party with it. During the battle Grahf appears and gives Stone "The Power", which he uses to form a negative "Hate Barrier" around the Gear that nullifies the party's attacks on it. When Jessie Black arrived and used his Gear's special "Jesse Cannon" on the Alkanshel, the Hate Barrier was shattered and Billy and his new friends were again able to damage and destroy the Alkanshel.

Etymology Edit

The name of this Gear is a mis-romanization of 'Arc-en-Ciel', French for "rainbow". It is also a misspelling of Archangel, the highest order of angels.

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