The Ambassador Lock-Up Incident was the incident in T.C. 4667 in which the Galaxy Federation Goodwill Ambassador were killed by Voyager with in a virtual space constructed within the U.M.N.

The selection of the Goodwill Ambassadors, as well as the preparation of the venue for the amnesty summit, had been performed by Donald Marquand, Special Representative to the planet Abraxas Archon Zone.

The amnesty summit was intended to diminish the consciously-maintained distance between the Immigrant Fleet and the Galaxy Federation before the Pilgrimage Meeting, where a divide-and-rule system for Abraxas would be decided on; however, the incident became the grounds for a further worsening of their relationship.

Furthermore, according to the records, all of the children who had been selected as Goodwill Ambassadors had been born on Abraxas.

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