Yeshua/chaos has the power of Anima.

The power of Anima is what forms the pair to the power of Animus, and holds the function of controlling its power. What is controlled by Anima isn't just the power of Animus itself, but it also extends to the system that uses the power of the relics of God, such as Zarathustra, and the like.

In the era of Lost Jerusalem, the consciousnesses of humans directly acted on the power of Anima, and by that influence, the function of the Failsafe accelerated. Theoretically, if the power of Animus had not been used at this place, the annihilation of the Dimensional Universe due to the Failsafe might have already occurred. In reality, the power of Animus was used, and the power of Anima was divided into the Vessels of Anima. Due to this, the function of the Failsafe had weakened in power, and as a result, the annihilation of the Dimensional Universe came to be postponed. However, because the birth of rejecting consciousnesses in the imaginary domain hadn't been stopped, the possibility remained that the entire body of the universe could collapse, and so also the necessity of the Failsafe remained.

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