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  • Falkon — One of Bart's soldiers who accompanies Fei on his mission to distract the Aveh border fleet while Bart, Citan and Sigurd attempt to infiltrate Fatima Castle and neutralize Aveh's illegitimate dictator, Shakhan. Falkon guides Fei through the various Aveh Gears and sand cruisers to the fleet's flagship, the Kefeinzel. He is killed by Vanderkam when Grahf arrives to grant him and his gear Dora "The Power" in the hopes of prompting Id to awaken within Fei once more.
  • Farrant — one of Bart's pirate soldiers who accompanies Fei on his mission to distract the Aveh border fleet. He is killed by Vanderkam along with Falkon and Vind after Grahf arrives and gives his gear Dora "The Power."
  • Jericho — The helmsman of the Yggdrasil, Jericho has steered the ship through many rough situations successfully. Though when it comes to the really difficult and possibly crazy maneuvers, like trying to make a sand cruiser fly, he defers to Bart's skill as a helmsman.
  • General Maitreya — an elite fighter and leader among Bart's sand pirates. He first lead the search for Bart and Fei after they fell into the Stalactite Cave in the Ignas desert outside of Bledavik. He was also the soldier who lead the distraction attack on the Aveh border fleet while Bart attempted to sack the Aveh capital of Bledavik. He was killed by Vanderkam's monster gear Dora after Grahf arrived and gave him "The Power."
  • Vind — One of Bart's pirate soldiers who accompanies Fei on his mission to distract the Aveh border fleet during the first assault on Aveh. Along with Falkon and Farrant he is killed by Vanderkam after Grahf arrives and grants "The Power" to his gear, the Dora.
  • Lawrence Maison — the elderly butler of Prince Bartholomew. His appearance is similar to that of a butler. Maison was born and raised in Aveh and has been part of the Fatima dynasty for many years. Earlier in his life, Maison was a knight in the service of Bart's father, King Edbart IV. He seems to have led a normal life until Shakhan's coup, when he spirited Bart and Marguerite "Margie" Fatima away before they were executed. During the adventure, Maison gives Bart helpful bits of advice that save the party on numerous occasions. He often pilots creative but not entirely reliable inventions, like the infamous Land Crab. He mostly stays in the Gun Room on the Yggdrasil and has a penchant for fine tea. He has a remarkable number of skills, and hints that he led quite an "exciting" life in the old days.

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