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Bart's Lair is a secret base on the western edge of Ignas desert that was constructed by Aveh before the fall of the Fatima Dynasty. The base was rediscovered by the young exiled Prince, Bartholomew Fatima, and his caretakers, Lawrence Maison and Sigurd Harcourt. They discovered the royal family's sand cruiser Yggdrasil housed within the base and claimed it as the flagship of their new anti-Shakhan resistance faction. From this base they rallied a sizeable force of freedom fighters to their cause, enough to make daily life miserable for Shakhan but not enough to effect an actual change in the status quo. Bart and his sand pirates operated out of this base for many years until Gebler finally stepped in, tracked the Yggdrasil back to the base after a mission, and sent a strike team in that night to eradicate the pirates. The team's mission failed thanks to the help of Bart's new allies Fei Fong Wong and Dr. Citan Uzuki, but with the secrecy of the base compromised Bart and his crew were forced to abandon it.

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