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Big Joe
Big Joe
Joey Balboa
36 (biologically)
4000+ (chronologically)
Around E.C. 6000
Hair color
Eye color
A bit of everything
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Big Joe, true name Joey Balboa, is a flamboyant man who encounters Fei Fong Wong's party at the most bizarre moments, all appearances have different roles.

Biography Edit


Big Joe.

His original name was "The Stone Joker". He was a revered hero to the people during the Zeboim era. He has many talents and is the king of fighting techniques.

Before his 30th birthday, he wanted to resurrect and clone himself to extend his life by preserving his body. He was put into cold sleep, but scientists made a mistake and accidentally froze him too fast. Their thawing techniques could not revive him successfully.

The people of Zeboim were saddened of losing their hero. When the Zeboim civilization died out, he was left in a frozen slumber. His refrigeration container changed locations many times, receiving damage along the way, and began to deteriorate.

4000 years later, when the Ethos were excavating the Zeboim Ruins, they found Joe's cryonic reactor. However, they didn't know what it was and thought it was trash so they threw it into the sea. The reactor floated on the waves, finally reaching the coast of the island in the Aquvy region where Billy's Orphanage was. He was discovered by the Davy boys that lived there, and they released the lock.

The sand's heat naturally awakened Joe and he swam to Ignas. Joe began to wander around, hoping to restore his former glory. In Xenogears, Big Joe is 36 years old biologically, despite the Zeboim people only living to around 30. It can be speculated his longer lifespan may be the result of Kim Kasim's research.

Xenogears Edit


Joe in the tournament.

  • During the Aveh tournament he is a popular fighter.
  • He offers Fei to see something "interesting" in the Nortune Civil Block, but for 5000 G. If Fei accepts, Joe runs away and makes him lose 5000 G.
    • After the Gebler attack, visit the same spot you met Big Joe before to get an M Disk. Use the M Disk with the jukebox in the bar. The jukebox will be at the battling arena during Disc 2.
  • He plays cards against Fei on Yggdrasil on the Thames.
  • He is a prisoner in the Ethos HQ.
  • While Shevat are under attack, he is found in the air ducts thinking of his life.
  • He is a dancer in the Level 2 area of Etrenank, Solaris.
  • In the end of the game he is both a music supplier in Nortune Battle Arena and a shop keeper in the ruins of Zeboim.

He has the ability to teleport as seen from interacting with him on the Kislev mini-map, after he swindles Fei out of the aforementioned 5000 G.

Trivia Edit

  • In Xenosaga Episode I, a boss appears called "Great Joe".

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