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Bart's Brigandier
Bartholomew Fatima
Fused with
17.0 Sharls
Dry Weight
13.9 kahns
Equipped Weight
18.6 kahns
Sub-Generator Output
Mn. Generator Coefficient
Operation Time
410 tsitol
Frame Durability
Reactive Level
Ether Response
Ground Speed
350 repsol
Flight Speed
792 repsol
Sea Surface Speed
Equipped Weapon
Interior equipped chain gun ×2
Heat rod ×2

Brigandier is an agile and strong red Gear piloted by Bart. It was excavated from ruins in Aveh by Bart and his Sand Pirate crew and later customized to Bart's specifications. He had a feather placed on the Gear's head and purposely had one of the Gear's optical sensors destroyed and covered over with an eyepatch to reflect his own physical appearance.

Xenogears Edit

Brigandier first appears when Bart and his pirates attack the Aveh sand cruiser carrying a captured Weltall along with Fei and Citan back to Bledavik. Mistaking Fei for an Aveh pilot he attacked Weltall after the sand cruiser was sunk. The battle between the Gears caused them both to sink into a Stalactite Cave. It suffered damage to its leg joints and was later repaired by Isaac Balthasar. Bart used this Gear for most of the game until he acquired his Omnigear, Andvari.

Gallery Edit

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