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The "Contact" is a term used in Xenogears. It refers to individuals who come in contact with the Wave Existence ("God").

Xenogears Edit

Abel, and all reincarnations of and after Abel: Kim Kasim, Lacan, and Fei Fong Wong, possess the factor to withstand and evolve after coming into contact with the Zohar Modifier (the object that houses the Wave Existence).

Emperor Cain refers to Fei as the Contact not only because he is the reincarnation of Abel, or the first individual who have contacted the wave existence, but also because he possesses the factor in becoming omnipotent when the contact takes place a second time. Emperor Cain fears Fei because Fei is the only individual in Ignas, and perhaps in the entire universe, who can destroy him and Deus.

Abel, the first contact was bestowed the power of reincarnation by the Wave Existence during the Eldridge incident (other abilities are not known). The ability of reincarnation promotes Abel to continuously reincarnate over generations, through conception.

Ramsus: the artificial Contact Edit


Kahran Ramsus.

Main article: Kahran Ramsus

Kahran Ramsus is a clone of Emperor Cain created by Karellen with the cooperation of Myyah Hawwa using Cain's DNA, intended to be an artificial Contact, as well as someone who could eventually assassinate Cain.

Contacts with the Wave Existence Edit

There are notably three types of contacts:


Elly in Kadomony in the eye of the Zohar.

1) The First Contact; or the boy Abel, who accidentally found the Zohar which was housing the Wave Existence.



2) The Imperfect Contact; This was accomplished by Lacan (in Xenogears Episode IV which never was released) when Myyah Hawwa tricked Lacan in finding the Zohar, thinking that Lacan would've been killed instantly when coming into contact with the Zohar. Contrary to Myyah's belief, Lacan, who possessed the factor of Abel's first contact, withstood the Zohar and came into contact with the Wave Existence inside which granted him unimaginable powers and later promoted the creating of his alter personality: Grahf. This is called the imperfect contact because Elly, namely Sophia, at this time had already been killed during the Shevat-Solaris War. Had Sophia been alive when Lacan came into contact with the Zohar (and the Wave Existence), Lacan and/or Grahf's power would've been equal to that of Fei's. Why the antitype (or complement), or Elly is needed during the Contact's contact with the Wave Existence is because the Wave Existence offered Abel, all thus all his reincarnations: its strength, and to the Antitype (Elly), its Will. 


Fei Fong Wong.

3) The Perfect Contact; This is accomplished by Fei Fong Wong during Xenogears Episode V. Fei comes into contact with the Wave Existence right after Deus terraforms in a region of Ignas. Elly is ostensibly alive when Fei comes into contact with the Wave Existence and this grants him the power of the power of the Wave Existence which claims it could be considered "God" from a certain point of view. After accomplishing the Perfect Contact, Fei also possesses the ability to merge the three sides of his personality: Id, The Coward, and Himself, the most inferior and subordinate artificial personality. Merging his split/broken personalities also grants him the ability to form Xenogears, the ultimate and omnipotent Gear.

Karellen Edit

In the ending of Xenogears, Karellen attempts to reunite (or "walk with God" as he says) with the Wave Existence in the Upper Domain via the Path of Sephirot. It could be thought that Karellen becomes a successful Contact.

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