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Emeralda Kasim
Fused with
15.4 sharls
Dry Weight
9.7 kahns
Equipped Weight
13.3 kahns
Sub-Generator Output
Mn. Generator Coefficient
Operation Time
710 tsitol
Frame Durability
Reactive Level
Ether Response
Ground Speed
300 repsol
Flight Speed
1100 repsol
Sea Surface Speed
Equipped Weapon
Wing-shaped Aerods (nanomachine system) ×2

Crescens is a thin white and gold Gear with no arms and large green angel wings on its head. The Gear was constructed by Solaris to be used exclusively by Emeralda Kasim. Similar to its pilot, it is made at least partially out of nanomachines.

Xenogears Edit

The Gear makes its first appearance at the Sargasso Gate when Karellen, having harvested enough of Emeralda's nanomachines to suit his purposes, turned her loose on Fei Fong Wong and his friends in the hopes that they would dispose of her for them or vice-versa. After Crescens was defeated the brainwashing performed on Emeralda wore off and she then joined Fei's party in their quest to stop Karellen.

Gameplay Edit

In battle, Crescens is one of the fastest Gears with high accuracy, but like Elly's Vierge this is offset by poor framework.

Trivia Edit

  • At one point in Xenogears development, Emeralda was meant to have an Omnigear just like the other main characters called El-Crescens. Unfortunately, due to time and budget constraints, the portion of the game where Crescens is aligned with an Anima Relic was cut out of the game and El-Crescens went with it.
  • Perhaps as an Easter egg for fans of Xenogears, Crescens gears are enemies in the Omega System dungeon in Xenosaga Episode II. One of the more prominently features mecha in the game, Pellegri's E.S. Issachar also wields a powerful weapon called the "Crescens' Claw".

Gallery Edit

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