Ziggurat 8 (Ziggy), a cyborg
Ziggurat Industries
Xenosaga Episode I

A cyborg is a human with cybernetic implants ranging from replacements, to enhancements, to a completely artificial form. Cyborgs are living organisms possessing artificial organs.

Cyborgs are considered obsolete technology, once popular during the implementation of the Life Recycling Act, before nano and Realian technologies emerged. Since the advent of Realian technology, all effort to develop new cyborgs was abandoned, but pre-existing models continued to be upgraded. However, with the enactment of the Species Preservation Act this practice was also stopped, making version 8.0 the last in the Ziggurat Industries series.

Ziggurat 8 is the latter of that, choosing to have as much of his body replaced by cybernetics as possible in an attempt to be declared legally dead.

Orgulla is a cyborg.

T-elos, in a way, could be considered a cyborg because much of her body structure is human.

In Xenogears, Tolone is also a cyborg. Karellen could also be considered one because he was originally human, and the majority of his body is comprised of a nanomachine colony. Emeralda Kasim may be one, but it is unknown how much of her body is biological, and whether or not she was originally human.

Episode I database Edit

A living organism which possesses artificial organs. An obsolete technology, once popular in the age before nano and Realian technologies emerged.

Episode III database Edit

An obsolete technology, once popular in the age of the Life Recycling Law. Bodies of donors were revived and retained as weapons of the Galaxy Federation Government as Cyborgs. Ziggy was one such human who, as a registered donor, was revived and turned to a battle Cyborg after his death.

Donors who were affiliated with special forces or the military were assigned to similar duties after their revival, but donors without such background were at times assigned to harsh manual labor or dangerous terraforming activities. Some were even assigned as housekeepers. Many cyborgs were superior to humans in abilities, but were stripped of their rights and placed in a very low social position.

Because of these issues, the number of aspiring cyborg donors gradually decreased, and the Galaxy Federation adopted a negative stance toward cyborg donation. Presently, the Life Recycling Law has become obsolete with the introduction of Realians, which are far superior to Cyborgs in performance.

Note that individuals who have undergone a cyborg operation to repair and enhance flesh-and-blood bodies after damage received from accidents or some functional failure are not the same as donated cyborgs.

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