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The unnamed planet which Xenogears is set on

Demi-humans are therianthropic humans with animal characteristics. All known demi-humans from Xenogears include:

Although it is never explicitly stated, Taura Melchior may be a demi-human due to his unusual appearance.

Origin Edit

Demi humans, such as Rico and Hammer were born from the results of the messing around with DNA... That was done by ancient Solaris' in the hopes that it would bring about the restoration of mankind.
Citan Uzuki

Demi-humans are the result of genetic modification by Solaris (such in the case of Rico who was modified in utero). This is probably to see if demi-humans could be better fleshy/genetic material for Deus. Continuing this theory, then demi-humans would probably be the test subjects of Project Malakh, Karellen's pursuit of engineering humans to be closer to their "true form" - parts of Deus.

Xenogears Edit

In the time of Xenogears, many demi-humans face discrimination. They are likely viewed as freaky and weird-looking. People probably think they are monsters or cursed. Kislev (Sigmund) enacted anti-demi-human policies.

Elru was a country of demi-humans and was likely an experiment by Solaris to see how demi-humans would act or reproduce together, but it was eventually destroyed.

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