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This is... Deus!?
—Fei Fong Wong

Deus 1st stage located in Mahanon.

Deus, also referred to as God by some characters in the game, is an antagonist in Xenogears, and arguably the main antagonist. It is technically the penultimate final boss, but since the boss after Deus is extremely easy (Urobolus), Deus is considered the final boss from a gameplay difficulty perspective. Deus also has multiple forms.

Deus is a hybrid between a biological base and a computer machine - an artificial intelligence in a fleshy living body. Its physical aspect is part of the Yahweh interplanetary invasion system, along with the Zohar Modifier. In the English-language release of Xenogears, this name was changed to Yabeh to avoid religious controversy.

Despite its name, Deus is not truly "God". The entity that indirectly powers Deus, the Wave Existence, could be viewed as such (although the word "God" may not be appropriate regarding the Wave Existence). However, according to the Wave Existence, the Wave Existence and Deus are inseparable, possibly because the Wave Existence is trapped in the Zohar, and Deus uses the Zohar as a power source.

In short, Deus is a man-made god: a false idol or a false god — a weapon built by humanity that is so powerful that it can destroy entire planets. It can only be destroyed by Abel (the Contact) in an act of deicide.

Origin Edit

This Deus, the one you call god, is an 'interplanetary invasion system' that was built in ancient times by humans from another planet. It was created as an automatic weapon which could act upon its own will to take control of a targeted planet. But you should've known that from looking at the Razael records. During a test run, Deus became uncontrollable. It released its power and annihilated a whole planet. The creators of 'Deus' found its immeasurable power to be too much of a threat and hence forcibly shut it down. In order to analyze the cause of the problem, its core was dismantled and placed on an inter-planetary emigrant passenger ship to be transported to another planet. Becoming aware of this, the disassembled Deus resisted. It tried to take over the passenger ship that was transporting it. However, as a last line of defense against the escape of Deus, its creators, unexpectedly destroyed the whole ship, sending it crashing to this planet. Deus knew that it would not be able to get away from the explosion or the imminent impact and so it detached itself from the 'Zohar' power reactor.
Myyah Hawwa while possessing Elehayym "Elly" Van Houten

Myyah reveals god is a weapon.

According to the timeline of Perfect Works, Deus was developed (but not necessarily completed) in an era 15,000 years before Xenogears.[1] Myyah claims "Deus was built in ancient times by humans from another planet.", and it is more than possible she is referring to Lost Jerusalem (Earth).

Thousands of years later, Deus was completed in T.C. 4766 as the ultimate goal for the Galaxy Federation Government's Project Zohar. Intent on using this new god-like weapon to bring an end to a long interstellar war, the Federation has Deus perform some experimental test runs in NGC 6744. During this time, something happens (possibly something related to Deus combining with the Zohar) that causes Deus' A.I. to malfunction and go on a destructive rampage, all but annihilating the nearby colonized planet "Michtam". The Federation's military was eventually able to subdue this monstrosity, but the resulting casualties were innumerable.

Eldridge takeover Edit

Xenogears Intro

Xenogears Intro

Deus hacks into the Eldridge before its crash.

Afterwards, Deus is dismantled into its various cores and sealed. Deus is loaded on board the Eldridge for transferal to another planet.

However, Deus took over the ship and began steering the Eldridge to the "main planet". Some fans have theorized this is referring to Lost Jerusalem or Neo Jerusalem, but this is unknown.

Due to Shigeyoshi Inoue, both Deus and the Eldridge crash landed on the planet where Xenogears takes place. Deus sustained heavy damage.

Revival Edit

After the Eldridge crashed on the new planet, Deus sunk to the ocean floor in "Mahanon" (called the "resting place of God"), which is actually part of the Eldridge.

To repair this damage, it activated a repair system known as Kadomony, which created Myyah Hawwa, Cain and the (super) human forms of the Gazel Ministry. This repair system created a race of people which would one day revive it. It is the objective of Myyah, Cain, the Gazel Ministry and Karellen to restore Deus by changing all humans into fleshy mutated Wels, which the god-machine would then absorb to revive itself.

For thousands of years, humanity empowers this "god", Deus, oblivious to what their actions on the planet are doing. Deus' body grows for 9999 years in Mahanon. It is uncertain if Deus is still connected to the Zohar, although it is implied the Zohar can send wireless energy throughout the planet like an antenna signal, and Deus would naturally have a built-in Zohar receiver. Because the Zohar creates infinite energy, it is possible the Zohar needs to be destroyed for Deus to die.

Xenogears Edit

Xenogears - Deus

Xenogears - Deus

Killing god, one form at a time.

After Mahanon is raised, the party fights its first form inside it.

Later, Deus is transferred to the Merkava and it appears as a dome with eyes, but it isn't actually fought as a boss.

Xenogears FMV - Merkava Transforms - 21 25

Xenogears FMV - Merkava Transforms - 21 25

The Merkava breaks as Deus awakens.

After the Merkava is raised, Deus terraforms with the planet. Inside, it is supported by four pillars, which are essentially mini-bosses and are symbolic of killing angels and archangels. Defeating each mini-boss weakens Deus. If the player skips the mini-bosses and directly attacks Deus, Deus is a harder boss.

  • Defeating "Metatron" will seal Deus' "Earthly Anointment" AOE attack. Metatron is an archangel in Judaism, and must be defeated to weaken Deus.
  • Defeating "Sundel" will seal Deus' healing (4,000 HP). Sundel is a reference to Sandalphon, an archangel in Jewish and Christian writings, and must be defeated to weaken Deus.
  • Defeating "Marlute" will seal Deus' "Fuel Drain" attack. Marlute is a reference to Marut, an angel in Islam, and must be defeated to weaken Deus.
  • Defeating "Harlute" will seal Deus' "Heavenly Anointment" AOE attack. Harlute is a reference to Harut, an angel in Islam, and must be defeated to weaken Deus.

If the player defeats all four orbs, Deus has 40,000 HP. If not, it has 75,000 HP and it will use its full arsenal of attacks.

After defeating Deus, Urobolus is next.

PSX Xenogears - Final Boss (Full Power)

PSX Xenogears - Final Boss (Full Power)

Stages and evolution Edit

  • Omega 1: Appears in the beginning of the game, preserved in a reactor. Its size is approximately 20-30 meters. In this state, Deus is already capable of destroying a planet.
  • Stage 1: After the Eldridge crashed on the new planet, Deus sunk to the ocean floor and its body grows for 9999 years. It is described as having an alien form that is partially rotting, petrified, grotesque and giant.
  • Stage 2: After the transport system of Deus, Merkava, is destroyed, it evolves to something which resembles a green shell dome with blue indigo eyes. Its true body is hidden inside this vortex-shaped shell.
  • Stage 3: In order to grow its body, Deus begins terraforming to begin merging with the planet. The evolved grown body of Deus in the interior is its true form.

Etymology Edit

The name Deus comes from the Latin word for "god". It may also be a reference to the phrase "deus ex machina" ("god from machine").

Trivia Edit


Gears descending into the core of Deus.

  • Deus, along with Urobolus, is based on the concept of the Demiurge.
  • While descending into Deus' core, a one-winged male and one-winged female figure are seen holding hands - they are dependent on each other in order to fly. As seen in the Nisan cathedral, this relates to Marguerite Fatima's story which she claims is "a legend handed down in Nisan."
  • The bodies of Gazel Ministry were once part of the organic elements in the core circuit that made up Deus. There were two types of organic elements. The female type was called 'Anima', while the male type was called 'Animus'. They were also created with the added ability to become mobile weapons for Deus.
  • The name of the system Deus is a part of, Yahweh interplanetary invasion system, is a reference to Yahweh, Abrahamic god of the Hebrew Bible. It was censored in the English localization because of religious controversy.

The core of Abel's Ark.

Omega Metempsychosis

Omega Metempsychosis

E.S. gameplay of Ω Metempsychosis

  • Also in Episode III and also seen in Abel's Ark, Ω Metempsychosis is also probably a Deus reference. Where Deus sported two tiny angels, Omega Metempsychosis is accompanied by two lookalikes resembling Fei's Gear Weltall and Elly's Gear Vierge.
  • The general premise and presentation of Deus strongly resembles that of Lavos, the main antagonist of Chrono Trigger. This likely stems from the fact that not only did many of the developers who worked on Chrono Trigger go on to work on Xenogears (most notably Masato Kato, the main writer of story) but also because Xenogears was initially conceived as potential sequel to the SNES game (Lucca was included as an NPC in the game to reflect this). Although Xenogears was ultimately an original title, the similarities between these two villains and their impact their respective worlds are hard to deny.
    • Lavos and Deus are both space-faring entity with godlike powers.
    • Both entities seem to exist for the sole purpose of devastating entire planets. Granted, they do so for different reasons with Lavos doing it for sustenance and the propagation of its species and Deus simply being designed for this purpose by the humans that built it.
    • Lavos and Deus both have complex physiology which consists of a gigantic outer shell, and a core being at the center of it.
    • They landed on their respective planets during prehistoric times, then entered a sleep state in order to recover their strength. During this time, they both use various methods to influence humans throughout the ages to serve their own purposes upon their awakening (originally a mistranslation on Lavos's part, but was acknowledge as official canon in Chrono Cross).
    • Both of them were able to influence a percentage of the human population to the point that they were they became a technologically advanced society which resided in a city in the sky (the Kingdom of Zeal and Solaris).
    • They both have such immense power that they are able to create distortions in space and time.

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