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Judah in Xenosaga Episode III
Kevin Winicott
Xenosaga Episode II

E.S. Judah is piloted by Kevin Winnicot, the Red Testament. Kevin's mecha is red, much like his cloak and appears to be a humanoid mecha similar in configuration to E.S. Dinah with spiky wings instead of solid ones and blades attached to its arms. It only appears twice in Episode II, once on the Ω System and once in the epilogue, but appears in Episode III extensively. Its flat horns are reminiscent of the villain Grahf from Xenogears, and its wings are similar to those of the Weltall-Id. It, and the redesigned E.S. Simeon, is the only E.S. to not participate in a battle in either gameplay or the storyline. The Episode III database describes E.S. Judah as a fierce fighting machine capable of striking targets through the U.M.N., making it nearly impossible to defend against.

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