E.S. Zebulun
Zebulun in Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga Episode II

VXA-0003b "Sumizome"

E.S. Zebulun is an E.S. seen in Xenosaga Episode II and Xenosaga Episode III. It is piloted by MOMO Mizrahi and co-piloted by Ziggy. It was manufactured by Vector Industries.

It specializes in long-range gun combat and has been installed with a great deal of firepower.

Its mobility lags behind other E.S. units, but it covers for this drawback with its multi-directional Ether attacks. Even with its two-seat structure, the enormous amount of weaponry installed would be completely impossible for a normal co-pilot to handle. It is safe to say that this task could only be managed by MOMO, a 100-Series Observational Unit.

Etymology Edit

E.S. Zebulun means Ein Sof (translated as "no end," "unending," "there is no end," or Infinite) and Zebulun, son of Jacob in the Book of Genesis.

Anima attacks Edit

Anima level Name Damage type Targets Effect
1 Aird Star Beam Single enemy Medium Ether attack
2 Aird Rain Beam All enemies Large Ether attack
3 Meteor Burst Fire All enemies Massive Ether attack

Trivia Edit

  • E.S. Zebulun bears certain design influences from three vehicles out of Episode I, including that of two A.G.W.S. units (VX-4000 and VX-20000), as well as the small ship that Ziggy and MOMO hijack in their escape from Pleroma.


Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse Edit

Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra Edit

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