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Erde Kaiser Sigma
Erde Kaiser Sigma
Erde Kaiser Sigma in Episode III
First appearance
Xenosaga Episode I

Erde Kaiser is a giant mecha that the Professor creates for the party aboard the Elsa in Xenosaga Episode I. It is the most powerful summon spell in the entire series.

Xenosaga Episode II Edit

In addition to this, Xenosaga Episode II also features Erde Kaiser Fury and Dark Erde Kaiser; a central figure on one of the game's sidequests.

In Episode II, each of its four components has a separate attack corresponding to an order of angels (Thrones, Seraphs, Cherubs, and Dominions). This is thought to be a reference to the four pilots of the G-Elements mecha in Xenogears (Tolone, Seraphita, Kelvena, Dominia).

Xenosaga Episode III Edit

Xenosaga 3 (PCSX2)02:56

Xenosaga 3 (PCSX2)

Erde Kaiser summon.

Episode III allows the player to summon all three incarnations of Erde Kaiser, and even takes the Xenogears reference one step further in introducing Erde Kaiser Sigma, which looks extremely like G-Elements. Erde Kaiser Sigma can be fought at Pedea Island.

During the events of Episode III, parts of Erde Kaiser were used to build KOS-MOS Version 4 and to power E.S. Asher when it lost its Vessel of Anima.

Etymology Edit

The name "Erde Kaiser" is German for "Earth-Ruler", or "Earth-Emperor."

Trivia Edit

  • Erde Kaiser's design is a homage to the Sunrise "Brave Series" mecha shows, typified by hero mecha wih lion's head chestplates (the most recent example of which is The King of Braves GaoGaiGar).

Gallery Edit

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