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Fatima Castle is built on the highest of the two lonely mountains in the Ignas Desert. It is the centerpiece of Aveh's capital city Bledavik. Resembling a modernized Arabic castle Fatima Castle has stood for over 500 years after the nation of Aveh was founded by King Roni Fatima I.

When Aveh Prime Minister Shakhan overthrew the Fatima Dynasty and userped control of Aveh he moved into Fatima Castle yet did not change the name of the palace like he did to everything else baring the namesake of the Fatima Dynasty across Aveh. When Gebler descended from Solaris and joined forced with Aveh they completely overhauled the interior of the castle and connected it to a massive underground military base that they built beneath Bledavik. Fatima Castle was also built upon a natural spring of fresh water that flows up from underground and down to the city section of Bledavik through a long series of water ways.

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