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A blue eye.

The Fatima Jasper is the topaz blue pupils of the Fatima dynasty. In other words, the retinal pattern. They allow access to the Omnigear Andvari in Ft. Jasper.

Shakhan mistakenly thought that the Jasper was a jewel or crest which Marguerite Fatima carried around with her, when he captured her. However, the Fatima Jasper being a jewel is implied to have been a rumor by the royal family to hide the truth of what the Fatima Jasper is.

The rumor that Bartholomew Fatima and Margie each had half of the Jasper came from the fact that because of an accident Bart was left with only one eye so he could not unlock the treasure and needed Margie there with him to stand in for his other eye.

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