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Symbol of Gebler. The circles represent fire, water and earth.

Gebler is the special military force of Solaris used to conduct operations on the ground of the Xenogears planet. Soldiers and candidates are likely selected through Jugend Military Academy.

Gebler also assisted the Ethos Society in manipulating the Ignas conflict between Aveh and Kislev.

Its leader was originally Vanderkam, but Ramsus and the Elements quickly took over ground operations. Elly was an elite member of the Aveh branch of Gebler, and was the leader of the mission to recover the Weltall.

Because Solaris is destroyed, Gebler probably no longer exists at the end of the game, especially when Fei Fong Wong and Elly discover the truth at the ending.

Members Edit

All known characters who were part of Gebler at one point:

Etymology Edit

The name "Gebler" is likely a mis-romanization of Gevurah ("Severity"; גבורה; in Katakana, ゲブラー Geburaa), the fifth of the Sefirot on the Tree of Life. (See also: Path of Sephirot)

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