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Citan Uzuki
Fused with
16.9 Sharls
Dry Weight
14.0 kahns
Equipped Weight
18.1 kahns
Sub-Generator Output
Mn. Generator Coefficient
Operation Time
500 tsitol
Frame Durability
Reactive Level
Ether Response
Ground Speed
250 repsol
Flight Speed
775 repsol
Sea Surface Speed
Equipped Weapon
Interior equipped Vulcan ×2

Heimdal is Citan Uzuki's Gear.

Origin Edit

It was one of the few Gears excavated from ruins in Aveh by Bart and his Sand Pirates. It was stored away in his hideout while a search for a suitable pilot was underway. The Gear was so awkward and unresponsive that it wound up severely injuring every test pilot that climbed in its cockpit.

Xenogears Edit

Citan Uzuki came across it by chance while he was a guest of Bart's along with Fei Fong Wong. Citan first piloted it when Bart's lair was attacked by Gebler. Cognizant of its "Wild Horse" nature he piloted it anyway, putting all his skills as a former Element to use and subduing the rebellious Gear. Heimdal has a striking resemblance to Citan's Omnigear, Fenrir.

Gameplay Edit

In battle it is slightly faster than the Weltall, possesses some strength, and features average framework.

Like its pilot, Citan, Heimdal fights in bare fists similar to Weltall's and it demonstrates its fighting capabilities when it utilizes of both punches and kicks based on various Chinese martial arts. In some of it's basic attacks it appears as a counterpart version of Welltall's which it kicks the opponent with a roundhouse kick and a punch to the groin while Heimdal's can do a low sweep kick and an upper punch.

Gear Deathblows Edit

When Heimdal utilizes its moves, it has Chinese symbols in each punches and kicks. However, it does not have infinite moves like the other gears.

Kentsui: Heimdal can do one-two punches and a reverse slap on his opponent. This ability will appear when Citan has the Ukigumo after he joins Fei and the group with a High HP.

Reppu: Heimdal does a low punch follow by a one-two punches and reverse axe kick. This ability will appear after Citan gains the Mufu.

Ryuei: Heimdal goes with a reverse slap and makes a heavy straight punch to its opponent.

Shinrai: Heimdal goes for a straight punch followed by a reverse punch and another straight blow to its opponent. This ability will appear after Citan gains the Jinrai.

Fujin: Heimdal goes with four flash punches and takes down its opponent by throwing them to the ground. This ability will appear after Citan gains the Shinrai.

Ryuga: Heimdal does a punch followed with multiple set of heel smash and a heavy straight punch.

Hakai: Heimdal makes reverse punch and a straight punch followed with a low sweep kick and a heavy blow. This ability will appear after Citan gains the Renken.

Kenjin: Heimdal goes for an elbow following with three powerful blows and a chop to its opponent. This ability will appear after Citan gains the Hakai.

Tensho: Heimdal unleashes a series of two straight kicks and a somersault following with a straight punch to its opponent. This ability will appear after Citan gains the Ougi.

Trivia Edit

  • Heimdal was named after Heimdall, the God of Light in Norse myth.