Fei Fong Wong (male) and Shion Uzuki (female) are the main protagonists of Xenogears and Xenosaga
Unknown (some believe "God")
Unknown (originate from Lost Jerusalem)
Homo sapiens
Xenosaga Episode I

Humans are a species of lifeforms in both Xenogears and Xenosaga. Humans could be classified as an intelligent species, although they are often prone to brainfarts and silliness.

Origin Edit

In both Xenogears and Xenosaga, thousands of years ago, humans came from the planet known as Lost Jerusalem, also referred to "Earth" and by many other names in different languages. Humanity can not agree on how humanity came to be, although there are common explanations:

  • Evolutionists believe that humanity evolved for millions of years, changing ever-so-slightly, on this planet, and theorize that all life became from the planet's oceans from smaller organisms, which grew bigger and taller with time.
  • Some people believe that other intelligent life exists elsewhere, and that humanity may have stemmed from another place and were dropped on the planet. Such people may believe in the existence of aliens watching over humanity.
  • Some, often theists or are religious, believe humanity was created by a deity, such as "God".

In A.D. 2XXX, humanity discovered an object called the Zohar (and its Xenogears variant). In the Xenosaga continuity, humanity had no choice to escape the planet via spaceships after a Zohar link experiment was performed and a space-time anomaly was produced. In the Xenogears continuity, there is no mention of this space-time anomaly, and the timeline simply mentions humanity left Earth. In both series, Earth was re-named Lost Jerusalem and became inaccessible, and humanity explored and colonized space under the duress of the Galaxy Federation.

In Xenosaga Edit

In Xenosaga, there are multiple sub-species of humans or sub-species resembling humans.

The term "Designer Children" is an umbrella term that encompasses these:


In Xenogears Edit

In Xenogears, a new breed of humaniy began on a planet after a spaceship crashed. This breed of humanity descends from a mechanical biology computer known as Kadomony which created Myyah Hawwa and the Gazel Ministry, who all of humanity trace their lineage back to. In the more recent time near the end of Xenogears, humanity has an ability known as Ether, which is comparable to magic.

Known sub-species of humans:

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