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Karen Wong
Myyah 0997
Mother (by Fei and Id)
25-30s (at death)
(died 9985)
E.C. around 9950-9960
Unknown (implied Shevat)
Hair color
Eye color
Nisan Orthodox postulant
Voice actor
Yes... I checked it out... There is no mistake, it's a contact. My child's name is... 'Fei'. So... you understand what this means?
—Karen, possessed by Myyah, telling Karellen about Fei

Karen Wong is the mother of Fei Fong Wong and wife of Khan Wong in Xenogears. She died 14 years prior to the events of the game, when Fei was only 4 years old.

Biography Edit

It is implied Karen was born in Shevat, and she was the Nisan Orthodox postulant. This means she wasn't the Holy Mother of Nisan, but was simply a candidate. It is unknown if Karen's Pendant of Nisan is the same one Sophia had hundreds of years ago (if it is, it may have survived the Excalibur's crash - although there's no proof Sophia wore the pendant during the crash), or merely a recreation.

She met Khan Wong when he worked as a lieutenant in Shevat, eventually giving birth to Fei.

When Fei was a little boy, Karen used to play with him by bouncing a ball back and forth. This is one of Fei's childhood memories that survived after his amnesia, so it's a precious memory of her.

Karen was possessed by Myyah, thus transforming herself in Myyah 0997. Upon discovering Fei as the Contact incarnation, Myyah uses her new position to conduct torturous experiments on Fei while his father is away, eventually resulting in the inadvertent creation of Id. Taking Fei to testing labs, Myyah would bring in humans and demi-humans who had a high compatibility with the Anima Relics, to make psychic contact with Fei to forcefully awaken him, causing much psychological damage on Fei's psyche in the process.

Karen's Sacrifice00:44

Karen's Sacrifice

Karen's death.

10 months after Myyah awakened in Karen, she stands by passively while Grahf, having arrived to take Fei, attacks Khan, triggering a spontaneous release of Fei's power. Karen regains control momentarily, long enough to throw herself in front of her son to save his life, and is mortally wounded in the process.

Karen's pendant, which was the Pendant of Nisan, was given to Fei, and Fei subsequently gave it to Elly Van Houten, a reincarnation of Sophia.

Etymology Edit

The name "Karen" means pure. This could be a reference to how Karen was "pure" in Fei's eyes, or how a mother's purity is contaminated by Myyah.

Karen's purity (before being possessed by Myyah) may be why she was the mother of the Contact. While Karen is the equivalent of the Contact, Medena Van Houten is the mother of the Antitype.

Gallery Edit

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