Maybe Tomorrow ~ Ending Medley
Xenosaga 3 Maybe Tomorrow KARAOKE HD05:04

Xenosaga 3 Maybe Tomorrow KARAOKE HD

Xenosaga Episode III Original Soundtrack
Yuki Kajiura
Emily Curtis

Maybe Tomorrow ~ Ending Medley is a song from Xenosaga Episode III. It is track 40 on the Xenosaga Episode III Original Soundtrack, composed by Yuki Kajiura and sung by Emily Curtis. The song plays during the ending of the game and during the epilogue.

It contains The Battle of Your Soul, the music plays when Shion awakens Abel's Ark, Sweet Song, a violin piece, and A Prelude to the Tragedy.

A live version was sung.[1]


The moon is gone
And the night is still so dark
I'm a little bit afraid of tomorrow

For this day
Was so long and hard for me
And I've lost some of the things
So far I have trusted

Now I will close my heart and sleep a while
Bless my dream with gentle darkness
Until I could have my strength
To wait for the light
Maybe tomorrow

I've come through
Some betrayal, some old pains
Some addiction to the love
And some good-byes

Like you did
Like my mother, father did
I will cry a little while
And wait for tomorrow

There's no way to be free from the loneliness
It took so long for me to notice
But now I'm on my way to find my light
Maybe this day
Maybe tomorrow

I will sleep a while, until the dawn wakes me up again
I still believe
Come what may

There is no way to be free from love
Deeper we sink in the darkness
Brighter it shines in our hearts
The lights of love

The moon is gone
And the night is still so dark
I'm a little bit afraid of tomorrow
But I will go
I'll go over
I will go

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