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Michtam, as seen in Episode III.

Michtam is a planetary member of the Galaxy Federation previously known as Abraxas. Michtam is the setting of the Xenosaga: Pied Piper side-story, which stars Federation counterterrorist Jan Sauer (Ziggy). During the game the planet is officially renamed Michtam. In Episode I Dr. Juli Mizrahi mentions to Ziggy just before he leaves to rescue MOMO from the U-TIC Organization that the S.O.C.E. was performing an experiment between Second Miltia and Michtam that was "vital to the future of the human race," and tied to the Zohar Project.

In Episode III, the planet is revealed to have been obliterated by the Gnosis over 15 years beforehand and that Kevin Winnicot was a survivor from Michtam. It is also the birthplace of Ormus and first planet settled by the people of the Immigrant Fleet after they left Lost Jerusalem. It is where "God's relics" were kept, primarily the Zarathustra device. Michtam also serves as the location for the last quarter of the game where the stories most of the series' cast (over 15 different characters) are resolved.

Michtam is an allusion to Miktam04β, a planet mentioned in the Xenogears Perfect Works encyclopedia. In that continuum, Miktam04β is said to have been destroyed by Deus when it absorbed too much energy from the Zohar, and the Eldridge was sent to rescue surivivors. This event was pivotal in setting the events of the next 10,000 years into motion.

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