The Miltian Charter, also known as the Miltia Charter, is a body of Galaxy Federation laws enacted in T.C. 4763 after the Miltian Conflict. It also contains the basic rights of Realians, as many humans were hostile towards Realians. Luis Virgil considers the Miltian Charter a "load of crap".

Article Four, Paragraph 13, states "Weapons-Grade Realians are required to be equipped with a remotely accessible behavioral limit and self-destruct system in case of emergency or malfunction. Use of these functions will be determined by the senior officer in charge of the situation."

Episode III database Edit

A charter established by the Federation government to prevent incidents like the Miltian Conflict, which broke out 15 years ago, from ever recurring.

Of note in the Miltian Charter is Article Four, which speaks to the social standing of Realians, and was enacted because of the outbreak of Realian violence during the Miltian Conflict.

Because of the outbreak of Realian violence, the number of human victims declined. The Federation government declared, "Realians also feel stress, which gave rise to the outbreak of violence," thus stipulating "human" rights to Realians.

However, even though their basic rights had been affirmed, Vector, the Realians' manufacturer, did not remove their control devices, which contain a self-destruct code. The Charter can therefore also be viewed as written permission to use said devices.

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