Mrs. Cherenkov
Mrs. Cherenkov in Xenosaga Episode I
T.C. 47XX
Unknown (possibly Ariadne)
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Federation lawyer
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What, did you think there was LOVE between us? Please, don't kid yourself. I can get all the LOVE I need with THIS!
—Mrs. Cherenkov, throwing her VR headset at her husband.

Mrs. Cherenkov was the abusive wife of Andrew Cherenkov who used and manipulated him for her own personal gain.

Biography Edit

Personality Reconditioning06:48

Personality Reconditioning

Cherenkov's personality reconditioning.

She served as Cherenkov's lawyer when he was in court for killing someone out of anger and instinct, and proposed a compromise for him to undergo Level 7 Reconditioning.

Some time after this, she tricked and manipulated him into marrying her in order to obtain a permit have a child by cloning herself, rather than out of actual love. She had an online affair with another man using a virtual reality headgear. This is because she had difficulties with the concept of both physical and emotional intimacy and love, and opted for cloned descendants.


Cherenkov's ghosts look at him.

Once Cherenkov found out, he became furious and killed her in a fit of rage, and was made to undergo Level 8 Personality Reconditioning in an attempt to prevent him from killing again, although it failed when he killed Mrs. Cherenkov's cloned child.

Just before Ariadne disappeared as a result of the Zohar Link Experiment, Cherenkov saw Mrs. Cherenkov and her clone looking at him.


  • " this time, the defendant's origins are unknown. That information was lost in the chaos of war…perhaps deliberately, I might add... It could be said that the circumstances surrounding the defendant actually qualify him as a victim of the Life Recycling Law. Therefore, is it right for him to be the first victim of a capital punishment system that had been abandoned for thousands of years? It's true that the defendant must pay for his crimes. But with all the progress we've made in science and the study of the human psyche, surely there must be alternative means by which he can repay society? Please... I ask you to make a merciful and wise decision."
  • "With this ruling, the current you will cease to exist... But it also marks the birth of a brand new world for you! Let us celebrate, shall we?"
  • "Oh, stop it. What could you want to leave behind? Don't tell me you want that abnormal DNA of yours to live on. Nano technology is hardly perfect, you know. It still can't correct mutations in genomes."
  • "You're pathetic... A bit of nucleic acid desperately clinging to life. You haven't changed one bit since then. But of course... that's what makes you, you."
  • "Don't forget to take your meds! After all, I'm the one who'll be held responsible if you don't..."


  • It is unknown if Andrew Cherenkov's wife took his surname when she married him, though there is no better term to refer to her by.
  • It can be theorized the two Oudogogues in the Gargoyle fight are the Gnosis of Mrs. Cherenkov and her clone.


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