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Cross of Nisan (Xenogears)

Cross of Nisan, symbolizing light.

Nisan is a country located on an island in a meteor crater lake on a large island immediately northwest of the Ignas mainland.

History Edit

Traditionally a peaceful and religious country, all the historic queens of Aveh were also called the Holy Mother of the Nisan religious sect. Five hundred years before the start of Xenogears, Nisan was a colony of the Nimrod nation, founded by Sophia and Karellen. For a time, Lacan and Sophia lived in Nisan.

Nisan was allied with Shevat and Nimrod as part of the Anti-Solaris Alliance against Solaris during the Shevat-Solaris War.

In 9502, after the Diabolos Collapse, Nisan was re-founded by survivors. Isolde (surname possibly Fatima), the daughter of Rene Fatima and Jacquelinde (Sophia's assistant advisor), would eventually become the Nisan Sect's Second Mother.

Xenogears Edit


Nisan on the world map.

Marguerite Fatima is the current Holy Mother of Nisan.

Although Nisan was originally neutral in the Aveh/Kislev war, the appearance of Shakhan and the repeated attacks and kidnappings of Nisan officials forced Nisan to join with Bart against the desert nation. When the Aveh/Kislev war ended, Nisan remained one of the few remaining cities on the planet.

Nisan contains a large underground evacuation facility that holds Bart's Omnigear, Andvari.

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