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Omega Metempsychosis
Ω Metempsychosis
First appearance
Xenosaga Episode III

Ω Metempsychosis ("Omega Metempsychosis") is the ultimate and final configuration of Ω Res Novae in Episode III.

Xenosaga Episode III Edit

It serves as the last Omega boss when defeating Dmitri Yuriev and the post-transformed Omega. It virtually transforms into a powerful and formidable machine when Dmitri merges with it, along with the waveforms of U-DO that had infected him from his time of having direct contact with the entity.


Ω Metempsychosis

Omega Metempsychosis04:42

Omega Metempsychosis

E.S. gameplay of Ω Metempsychosis

After Dmitri is defeated by Jr. and company, Albedo appears and takes the Zohar and Abel away from Dmitri and transports them to Michtam. It remained within Abel's Ark, as it served as one of the instruments for Zarathustra. It, along with the Gnosis and Abel's Ark, vanish when chaos and Nephilim Verum send all things back to Lost Jerusalem in the region of space.

It stands at the near size of its original form, much like the prototype before it. Like other mecha in the series, it is a recreation of a Xenogears design; in this case the Deus boss enemy from the end of the game. Where Deus sported two tiny angels, Omega Metempsychosis is accompanied by two E.S. lookalikes attached to its arms; Omega Universitas and Elly's Gear from Xenogears, Vierge.

The name "Omega Metempsychosis" is translated as "Omega spirit transmigration". According to the Xenosaga Episode III database, back at the time of Lost Jerusalem, an Omega machine was also created which nearly resembles Omega Metempsychosis, but was presumed to have been destroyed when Lost Jerusalem disappeared as a result from when the Zohar went out of control.

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