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The Sargasso Gate is a barrier generator hidden in an undersea cave deep beneath Sargasso Point. It functioned in conjunction with three other gates, one in Ignas, one beneath the Ethos HQ and a fourth in Etrenank, the capital of Solaris. The three external gates formed a triangle around Solaris and worked together to create a barrier that phased Solaris out of synch with the rest of the world rendering it invisible to the rest of the world.

When all three external gates were destroyed Solaris phased back into synch with the world and allowed the fourth gate in Etrenank to be destroyed. The Sargasso Gate was destroyed when Fei and his companions performed a daring operation which involved submerging the Yggdrasil beneath the ocean and piloting their Gears underwater to reach the air pocket cave where Solaris built the gate. Forces from Solaris in the form of a brainwashed Emeralda Kasim and the Wel-Gear Rattan were there in order to mount a feigned defense of the gate but ultimately (and perhaps intentionally) failed.

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