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Xenogears - Soylent System scene

Fei and Elly are horrified after realizing what meat is made from.

The Soylent System is a huge Solaris slaughterhouse plant that was first connected to Karellen's Lab before being moved to the ground. Erich Van Houten was one of the facility's superintendent, but he resigned out of guilt.

In actuality, there are many Soylent System facilities, not just in Solaris, but also on the surface of the earth. However, it is very unlikely that the ones on the surface are public - it is likely that they are almost impossible or difficult to find, and may be underground. The Ethos are responsible for overseeing the Soylent Systems.

The Soylent facilities were established in 9499 by the forces operating Solaris. This was during the Shevat-Solaris War, meaning it is possible that prisoners of war were turned into Wels here.

Both Solarians and Lambs are intentionally kept in the dark about what the Soylent System is. Elly says, "I've heard the Soylent System is an important support system for Solaris, but I don't know much else." The only exception to this seems to be those who control the facilities, such as Erich.

In truth, the Soylent System facilities are where humans (Lambs) are transformed into Wels (Reapers), and, subsequently, meat and medicine. This is for two purposes:


Citan reveals to Fei that the corrupt government puts additives in the food and medicine to control people.

  • The first purpose is for the meat/food/medicine is given to the population of Solaris (and presumably also Lambs), which mainly has been implanted with genetic Limiters which are intended to prevent rebellion and uprising in people. Products from the Soylent System serve to keep the seal of the Limiters. In addition, Solaris puts in additives in the food and medicine supply to control people's behavior, presumably making them sicker, dumber, docile and submissive to authoritative figures.
  • The second purpose is for the flesh collected from Wels to be used for System Deus, as part of the Gazel Ministry's M Plan.

Xenogears Edit

After learning about the dark and disturbing nature of the systems, Fei Fong Wong and his allies went from place to place, destroying all the Soylent System facilities located on the surface of the earth and freed the people held at each of the locations. All the people that had been mutated were taken in by Nisan where they received treatment.

Quotes Edit

  • "Soylent System. The organism experiment lab and its disposal facility in Solaris. And the production facility for food and medicine to maintain the Limiter seal. Aquvy's Wels Reapers were also made here." - Citan
  • "The Soylent System... A group of facilities formerly created by Solaris. These facilities existed all over the earth. It is said, that, originally, these were used for biological experiments and brainwashing." -Elly

Etymology Edit

The name is a reference to the dystopian movie Soylent Green.

Soylent Green is set in the year 2022 in New York City which has become overpopulated; housing is dilapidated and overcrowded; homeless people fill the streets; about half of New Yorkers are unemployed because there are no jobs, and food is scarce. The world is devoid of resources. Humans are secretly processed into food (green wafers called "Soylent Green" as the other varieties are not made of humans) and subsequently fed to other humans as secret cannibalism.

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