The Species Preservation Act is a Galaxy Federation law enacted in order to revive the human race, which had degenerated due to the harmful effects of the Life Recycling Act.

With the passage of the Life Recycling Act, people pursued their ideals and came to ignore the basic nature of genes: to add diversity in species. People became in danger of extinction from the smallest changes in environment, because when a group of one species adapt to only one environment, they have the same weaknesses.

The act was passed to counter the effect the Life Recycling Law had. It was established to correct the track of the human race, who had become too biologically vulnerable. In other words, the goal of the Species Preservation Act is to examine the genes based on the laws of nature and fix the flaws caused by life recycling. The purpose behind this legislation was to preserve and propagate a pure breed of humans that was untouched by genetic engineering, cloning, or organ enhancements. It also strove to restore the original genetic code that had been altered by the Life Recycling Act.

The Galaxy Species Preservation Act Support Foundation can be found on the Kukai Foundation, where they work to get rid of generic transformation and cloning which is still common among upper class and victims of the Life Recycling Law.

Due to the fact that enforcement is left to the discretion of each autonomous state, there is a pointed lack of standardization and effectiveness across the multitude of jurisdictions.

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