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This article pertains to Xenogears: the sub-database of Xenosaga Wiki.

The Land of Bethlehem is the place where the Zohar landed on the new planet. On the map, it is located in the top left of the planet in a snowy area.

Xenogears Edit

Near the end of the game, when Fei Fong Wong is taken over by Id, he goes to the cave to make contact with the Zohar. His contact transforms Weltall, his Gear, into Xenogears. Fei's friends come to stop Id, and succeed. Fei's father, Khan Wong, appears and is able to help Fei merge his consciousnesses back together. Then Grahf takes control of Khan's body, but after a conversation with Fei, Grahf decides to help. Since Deus is becoming active, the Zohar starts trying to absorb the current Contact, Fei. Grahf stops this by letting himself be absorbed. As an imperfect-contact, he is able to postpone Fei's absorbtion, giving him enough time to stop Deus. Afterwards, Fei and his friends leave the cave to finish the battle.

Etymology Edit

Bethelehem is a reference to the real-life Bethlehem, known as the birthplace of Jesus Christ according to the New Testament.

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