I'd really, really, REALLY like to make a Xenosaga abridged series based on all three main games!!!

But the problem is, I need people to help me out. Since I've never played the games before (but I plan too!) and since I don't know too much about them, I need someone to pick the clips and edit them, to do the voices for almost all of the characters (I'll do some of the voices for the female characters) and etc.

But there ARE some rules you'll have to follow!

1. NO swearing!!! You can pretend to swear by bleeping it out, but otherwise than that, it's not allowed!

2. You HAVE to have a YouTube account! That way, I can communicate easily with you! My YouTube is sectorzisnumbuhone. Just google it or something.

3. You HAVE to have a Mic! Unless you just edit and pick the clips, if you plan on doing voices, it's only logical that you need a Mic!

4. Etc!

If you have any questions/concerns or want to join my attempts, just contact me through my YouTube or my Wiki account!

Peace off!!! :D

Things I need help with: Editing, finding clips, voices for each character except Citrine, Shion, Miyuki, Lapis and KOS-MOS (they'll be me), Albedo (he'll be a friend of mine) and Pellegri and Hammer (they'll be AlbedoLuvr who is on YouTube and DeviantART), script writing, etc.

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