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  • BlackAlbedo

    WHAT IS UP?! Just stopping by to let you all know about a project I'm currently working on.

    As you all know, I wrote the walkthroughs on this wikia. I have ceased to update them as it is a little more than I can handle at this time. For now though, I have been building the website It is very primitive for the time being, but will look nice soon as I get into CSS and such. There are some articles that can be read even now in the SNES section though. Keep checking in to watch it as it updates! Web hosting will be down in mid December and will stay down as the school semester I am doing this for will be over then.

    Feel free to comment on this if you have any ideas or opinions! --BlackAlbedo (talk) 02:48, November 9, 2014 (UTC)

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  • BlackAlbedo

    BlackAlbedo's thoughts

    November 25, 2012 by BlackAlbedo

    Hey everyone. I've recently finished my Xenogears Walkthrough. You should read it. Also, read the Xenosaga Walkthroughs. You don't even have to comment. It's all free, for you. Just you. Don't tell your friends, or some bullshit. You know you can't beat these games without my advice, so suck it up and read.

    I don't know what to do with my free time. That's sorta why I'm here. Nobody just up and plays all 3 Xenosagas followed almost immediately by it's predecessor from long, long ago. Would you even believe that Historians tell us that way back in 1998, we were afraid of a new millennium, Final Fantasy was only on a 7th game, and we believed the World Trade Center towers were indestructible? How could we be so blind??

    I guess I'm a little off…

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  • BlackAlbedo

    I speak of the end of Xenosaga Episode III. If you haven't finished it, then beware the spoilers.


    I won't post a theory. There isn't really an actuality to the series after it ends. Just ideas of what would be interesting or cool or whatever. That being said, the comment chaos makes about the area shifting dimensions in conjuction with these 4 characters' unceremonious removal from the scene after the drama has played its part leads me to understand that they 1, have shifted dimensions and/or time periods, and 2, that they cannot return to the future of the Saga unless some major Deus Ex bullshit is incorporated. This being the case...

    It is my happy thought for the day that Jin loses his memory and is either saved before …

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