I speak of the end of Xenosaga Episode III. If you haven't finished it, then beware the spoilers.


I won't post a theory. There isn't really an actuality to the series after it ends. Just ideas of what would be interesting or cool or whatever. That being said, the comment chaos makes about the area shifting dimensions in conjuction with these 4 characters' unceremonious removal from the scene after the drama has played its part leads me to understand that they 1, have shifted dimensions and/or time periods, and 2, that they cannot return to the future of the Saga unless some major Deus Ex bullshit is incorporated. This being the case...

It is my happy thought for the day that Jin loses his memory and is either saved before death or he is reincarnated to become Citan Uzuki in Gears. On that same thought and by the same process, Abel becomes Fei, Nephilim becomes Ellhaym, and chaos becomes Krelian, perhaps by transfer of power or something.

This of course opens up an old idea with some new concepts. The old idea is do Gears and Saga take place in the same dimension, or are they separate time lines? Though it sounds like the creators intended to write Saga in the Gears timeline, chaos' mention of the region of space disappearing and the likeness of the Gears characters to these specific Saga characters makes me believe that the two adventures happen in different universes. It could all be one timeline still. These characters would have to be transported into the future by some years and (in Jin's and Nephilim's case) given new life in the form of their representatives. Either way, I believe the Gears characters Fei, Ellhaym, Citan, and Krelian are directly related to, if not themselves, Abel, Nephilim, Jin, and chaos.

Something to think about, anyway. If the story were built upon, I could definitely see this being addressed. There's no denying the strong Buddhist references throughout the series, one of which being the belief of Reincarnation. If you read between the lines, it makes crazy sense. BlackAlbedo 00:33, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

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