so does anyone but me think that kos-mos could be just a bit better when she uses her phase transfer cannon in ep 1?

seriously that cannon looks like it could have destroyed the song of nephilim in one blast but why such a weak blast?

Haunted - chaos x KOS-MOS02:57

Haunted - chaos x KOS-MOS

  • First, we have a place for questions like this, Forum:The Elsa, though at present it is seldom used. But anyway, I think that it's not a destroying weapon, but rather an absorbing weapon, as (I think Allen) stated. I think that she wouldn't have been able to absorb the ship for at least one of these reasons: 1) The Song was not organic, so she couldn't bring it into her body (though as she is also abiotic that may be a weak reason) and 2) That it was simply too big, filled with hundreds of machines, realians, and such that, if she could absorb would simply overload her. Also, another reason could be that MO-MO was onboard and Shion simply wouldn't let her. NaruHina Talk 17:54, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

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