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Elehayym Van Houten
Fused with
15.7 Sharls
Dry Weight
10.2 kahns
Equipped Weight
14.7 kahns
Sub-Generator Output
Mn. Generator Coefficient
3.4 (6.0)
Operation Time
600 tsitol
Frame Durability
Reactive Level
1.0 (0.73)
Ether Response
60 (135)
Ground Speed
280 repsols
Flight Speed
850 repsols
Sea Surface Speed
Equipped Weapon
Interior Vulcan
Wireless Pathway Aerods
Battle Rod

Vierge (French for "virgin") is a sleek and powerful Gear piloted by Elly Van Houten.

Origin Edit

It was a custom built special forces Gear made by Solaris specifically for top-level Ether users (an elite few within Gebler known as the Elements).

The Gear was based on the C-1 Vierge, Myyah Hawwa's prototype Gear.

Xenogears Edit

It first appeared at the Mountain Path when Elly confronted and then fought Fei Fong Wong, acting under orders from Gebler command. When Elly turns against Solaris and sides with Fei's party the Gear becomes playable full-time.

Gameplay Edit

In battle, Vierge is very fast with powerful Ether attacks, but its physical attacks are rather lacking. Its special ability is Animum Ether Response Offensive Drones or AERODs, powerful Ether-powered attack drones.

In Gear battles, Elly pilots Vierge and she was seen wielding a rod during battles. However, in her boss battle against Fei due to being drugged by the "Drive", Vierge is not seen wielding a rod and is able to utilize its move with or without a rod until she uses a final blow against Fei with the use of Aerods.

Vierge can essentially become overpowered if the player equips her with an Ether Doubler on her human form (use 2x EP to create 2x effect), and Power Magic on her Gear (increases Eth Mach Strength). Her Gear's Aerods then become insanely overpowered. Sometimes, it's enough to one-hit-kill bosses.

Deathblows Edit

Vierge can smash her opponent with her rod but in her boss battle against Fei, she was seen without her rod but utilizing barefists during the boss fight. It also has multiple pink heart shape symbols when utilizing her moves and to damaging her opponent.

  • Double Impact: Vierge smashes her opponent with her rod and ends by kicking her opponent to the groin. In her boss battle against Fei, she uses a heavy blow instead of wielding a rod to smash her opponent. This ability will appear after Elly gains the Screamer.
  • Hard Smash- Vierge kicks to her opponent's groin and makes an uppercut along with a heavy blow. This ability will appear after Elly gains the Cyclone Kick.
  • Beat Storm
  • Sonic Drive
  • Heart Strike
  • Mega Impact: Vierge makes a flurry of punches towards its opponent and smacks the opponent with a heavy blow.
  • Flash Drive
  • High Diva- Vierge heavily smashes her opponent with her rod and she flurries her opponent with a series of punches to knock her opponent down and finishes her downed opponent with three smashes from her rod. In her boss battle against Fei, she smashes him with a heavy blow and she flurries him with a series of punches and finishes his downed opponent with three down punches.
  • Blaze Dance
  • Flash Flail
  • Blue Blast
  • Dark Diva

Trivia Edit


Ω Metempsychosis.

Gallery Edit

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