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Unnamed planet
World map of the planet in the time of Xenogears

The unnamed planet is the planet in which Xenogears occurs. It is sometimes called "Earth" or "the earth" in-game, but it is unknown if this is the actual name for it. Regardless, it is not the same as Lost Jerusalem.

Geography Edit

It can be divided into four "areas" or "regions":

  • Top-left: Terrane - represents Earth
  • Top-right: Ignas - represents Fire
  • Bottom-left: Aquvy - represents Water
  • Bottom-right: Elru - represents Wind

In the center, Solaris can be found (located high in the sky), which may symbolize how Solaris is essentially controlling the planet, and everyone on it are just pawns of Solaris.

Dystopia Edit

The planet can be considered a dystopic hell "prison planet". For 10,000 years, the planet has been controlled by Myyah Hawwa, the Gazel Ministry, and Cain, and later Karellen for the purpose of resurrecting Deus, a man-made god that crashed on the planet with the Eldridge.

The people on the planet have been thoroughly brainwashed with extensive mind control for thousands of years to accept and normalize violence, war, genocide, slavery, racism, speciesism, etc. The countries of the planet are at constant war with each other. Religion has also haltered the scientific and technological growth at times.

At the end of Xenogears, Fei Fong Wong, Elehayym Van Houten and their allies are able to expose the truth of the operatives responsible for the current condition of the planet and defeat Myyah, the Ministry and Cain.

Gallery Edit

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