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Unnamed planet
World map of the planet in the time of Xenogears

The unnamed planet is the planet in which Xenogears occurs. It is sometimes called "Earth" or "the earth" in-game, but it is unknown if this is the actual name for it. Regardless, it is not the same as Lost Jerusalem.

Geography Edit

It can be divided into four "areas" or "regions":

  • Top-left: Terrane - represents Earth
  • Top-right: Ignas - represents Fire
  • Bottom-left: Aquvy - represents Water
  • Bottom-right: Elru - represents Wind

In the center, Solaris can be found (located high in the sky), which may symbolize how Solaris is essentially controlling the planet, and everyone on it are just pawns of Solaris.

Dystopia Edit


Humanity at war with each other.

The world of Xenogears can be considered a dystopia. Scientific advance is largely halted, with significant technologies needing to be dug out of the ground and excavated rather than being created.

The countries of the planet are at constant war with each other; though when the game begins this war is in a cold state, it escalates through the story. The most wide-spread religion, the Ethos, acts in part to safeguard humanity, while a secret branch helps control the population and keep them from attaining the truth of the world.

At the end of Xenogears, Fei Fong Wong and his allies are able to expose Solaris, the secret society manipulating the world from the shadows, insodoing uniting the various cultures and nations of the world and ending war - but the cost is high, as the defeat of Deus and the departance of the Wave Existence permanently disables the power source of all Gears save the Xenogears itself.

Gallery Edit

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