Ye shall be as gods is a warning message seen in Xenogears and Xenosaga Episode I, as well as a common theme in the Xeno series, which has multiple characters trying to become god-ly and god-like, like Dmitri Yuriev. In Xeno, humans can be seen as becoming "godly" or playing the role of "god".

Examples Edit

It is also a particularly relevant message because both games contain elements of:

  • transhumanism (merging of biological and mechanical)
  • creating new lifeforms and species
  • controlling other people/lifeforms/animals, and who lives or dies
  • trying to control the Zohar
  • trying to claim the will of "God" - what "God" wants and doesn't want
  • trying to enact man-made laws and acting as if these laws are of infallible divine authority

Origins Edit

It originates from Genesis 3:5 of the Bible. In it, the serpent offered Eve a fruit and told her that if she ate it, humanity would become "like gods".

Xenogears Edit

Xenogears Intro04:58

Xenogears Intro

The Eldridge crash kills 1,200,000.

It is used in the introduction of the game. When Deus takes over the Eldridge, "Ye shall be as gods" flashes on their monitors hundreds of times.

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht Edit

"Ye shall be as gods" is KOS-MOS' log-in password.

In Episode I, Shion Uzuki finds KOS-MOS (Mary Magdalene) in her Encephalon subconscious domain which is Rennes-le-Château. KOS-MOS is crucified, like Jesus Christ.

Gallery Edit

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