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Yui Uzuki
Yui Uzuki
Adult (exact unknown)
Hair color
Light brown or blonde
Eye color
Light brown
Voice actor
Oh, welcome. You look good, Fei. The meal will be ready soon. Please join us and eat to your heart's content.

Yui Uzuki is the granddaughter of Shevat Sage Gaspar Uzuki, wife of Citan Uzuki, and mother of Midori Uzuki.

She is a very kind, generous person and a terrific cook to boot. Having been taught martial arts by her grandfather, she is also an expert swordswoman and was the best warrior in her native Shevat at one time.

Biography Edit

During an attack by Solaris on Shevat, Yui fought and defeated a young Solarian soldier named Hyuga Ricdeau and took him prisoner. Instead of killing him, Yui showed him mercy and tended to him while he was in custody. From this, a bond of love was formed between them and eventually, Yui married him and he took her name when he constructed a new identity for himself for his upcoming mission on the surface world.

With her new husband Citan Uzuki, Yui moved down to the surface to a quaint house near Lahan Village and lived there for quite some time as her husband kept watch on Fei Fong Wong, the newly discovered Contact for Emperor Cain. Yui and Citan shared a tremendous level of understanding that could have only come about unconditional love as she still loved and stood by him, even when he was still working for Solaris.

Xenogears Edit

After Lahan is destroyed by Id, Yui brought the survivors with her when she moved back to Shevat. Fei is surprised to find Yui in Shevat, and she told him that the destruction of Lahan wasn't his fault, it was Solaris'.

While Midori is seen again in Disc 2, Yui, like many important minor characters, is conspicuously absent. Not even the Xenogears Perfect Works gives any clues to her mysterious fate. However if the player receives Midori's ring at Citan's house and gives it back to her in Disc 2, Fei tells her to "Be a good girl to Yui," suggesting that she does indeed survive the cataclysm.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to a translation error, the game implies that Yui Uzuki defeated Citan in a sword duel, and they fell in love when he was recovering from the fight. This isn't true, according to Perfect Works.
  • Perfect Works strongly implies Yui is not infused with the same nanotechnology as her grandfather Gaspar. In Gaspar's section, it says he was 560 years old when his eldest son (Yui's father) was born.

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