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The Yuriev Institute.

The Yuriev Institute on the planet Zavarov of star system Vartas was the home and training center for the U.R.T.V. units, including Rubedo, Albedo, Nigredo, and Citrine. Dmitri Yuriev created the U.R.T.V.s to counter the presence of U-DO. The Institute is funded by the Hyams Group, and could have ties to the Ormus organization.

Rubedo, Albedo, and Nigredo were kept at the institute, not allowed to leave. While there, the three frequently traveled into Sakura Mizrahi's mind via the Encephalon. These Encephalon tests were often extremely tedious; they often took a severe toll on the U.R.T.V. units. The Yuriev Institute was very much like a school for the gifted; many U.R.T.V. children would show off their sometimes gruesome talents such Albedo's regenerative power shown many times in Episodes I and II.

Xenosaga I&II reveals that Yuriev Industries is being maintained by a group called the Salvator Faction in Dr. Yuriev's "absence." Its infrastructure is still operational; all of Yuriev's inner circle had been waiting for was Dr. Yuriev's reawakening in the body of his "son," Nigredo (aka Gaignun Kukai).

In Episode III, Yuriev returns to the head of his corporation, quickly using the Salvator Faction to gain considerable sway in the Federation Parliament. Under his orders, the company quickly sets to work on two new weapons based on the designs of Joachim Mizrahi, Ω Res Novae and the Tactical Warship Merkabah.

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