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The Zeboim Ruins.

Zeboim was a massive civilization that existed 4000 years before the game's events in the 6000s.

Zeboim Era Edit

Zeboim Flashbacks09:38

Zeboim Flashbacks

Zeboim flashbacks.

The Zeboim were a technologically advanced civilization that had mastered nanotechnology, but the population was dwindling due to genetic decay and humanity had an average lifespan of around 30 years.

In order to restart the human race to provide better material for Deus, Myyah Hawwa and the Gazel Ministry started a nuclear war that destroyed over 90% of the planet's population.

The Contact (Kim Kasim) and the Antitype (Elly) lived in this civilization. They were killed just prior to the nuclear war.

Xenogears Edit

About 4000 years later, the cities of Zeboim exist deep underwater in the Aquvy region of the world as the Zeboim Ruins and it has become an excavation site. There are two ways to access the ancient ruins: the Ethos Dig Site and the Lighthouse.

Etymology Edit

Zeboim is likely a Biblical reference to a destroyed city.

Trivia Edit

  • In the initial draft, there was going to be a large segment involving Elly and Emeralda going to the Zeboim Mass Driver Facility, coming across a nuclear arsenal, with character commentary added. This was however replaced by one of the many character narration segments on disc 2 due to budget and time constraints.
  • There is much unseen history and events surrounding Zeboim that was supposed to be the focus of Xenogears Episode III, however, this never happened.

Gallery Edit

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