Ziggurat Industries is a corporation in the Xenosaga universe that specialized in cybernetic and bio-mechanical technology. It was this company that created the Life Recycling Act-era Ziggurat series cyborgs, of which there were only eight. Ziggurat 8, also known as "Ziggy" and Jan Sauer was the corporation's last produced cyborg model.

After the Species Preservation Act, which repealed the Life Recycling Act, was passed by the Galaxy Federation Parliament, Ziggurat Industries could no longer legally produce cyborgs, or at the very least reanimated corpses for use as cyborgs like Ziggurat 8. With cyborg technology no longer profitable Ziggurat Industries shifted its focus to the upcoming field of nanotechnology.

Etymology Edit

"Ziggurat" is a reference to the ziggurats that once stood in Babylon, which is now a part of modern-day Iraq.

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