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The Zohar (also called the Original Zohar to differentiate between the Zohar Emulators) is a source of power believed to be unrivaled in the Xenosaga universe. Many people, groups and organizations fight for the Zohar, like Ormus, U-TIC Organization, Galaxy Federation and Dmitri Yuriev's Salvator Faction.

The Original Zohar is called "Marienkind," which means "Child of Mary" in German. According to the Original Design Materials, this name represents Jesus Christ. However, the U.M.N. database in Episode I gives yet another reference, saying that this also refers to a fairytale by the Brothers Grimm (Jacob and Wilhelm) about a girl who receives the keys to the 13 doors of heaven from Mary, the mother of Jesus. This girl would presumably be Mary Magdalene or Shion Uzuki.

Appearance Edit

Xsi odm 090

The Zohar at Lake Turkana.

The Zohar is perceived in the Real Number Domain of the Lower Domain as a golden monolith. Visually distinguished by an aquamarine jewel, the Original Zohar is not to be mistaken for Joachim Mizrahi's Zohar Emulators, which are not as powerful. Zohar Emulators have red Hebrew letters instead of a jewel. The Hyams Zohar Emulator appears to have a blue letter.

Purpose Edit

It serves as a portal between the Upper Domain of U-DO and the Lower Domain of the human collective consciousness (Unus Mundus). This legendary artifact is rumored to be capable of eradicating the Gnosis and ushering in an era of universal peace and human tranquility. However, the Zohar may also be a powerful tool of destruction and possesses a threat.

It also powers Zarathustra which resets the universe to a blank slate for Eternal Recurrence, therefore, the Zohar is a requirement for Wilhelm to achieve his goal.

Anyone who comes into physical contact (direct or in the beginning of Episode I, through a space suit) with the Zohar or its emulators vanishes from physical space. Unmanned vehicles or Auto-Techs, however, are unaffected. The Episode I guide claims this is due to 'the power of one's will'.

History Edit



The Zohar at Lake Turkana, Kenya, Africa.

Originally it was used by ancient people to power the Relics of God.

It was later discovered on the floor of Lake Turkana in Kenya in 20XX, an event which directly led to Earth being abandoned. However, the Ormus Society claims that they have been the people bound to the Zohar for eternity. Ormus is not the only known faction after the powers of the Zohar.

Locations Edit

During the series, the Zohar transfers to a variety of different locations.



Nephilim and the Zohar.


  • After Lost Jerusalem disappears, Ormus transports it to planet Michtam (Abraxas) for safekeeping and more research. Michtam is the homeland of Ormus. The Zohar is presumably kept on Michtam (Abraxas) for thousands of years.
  • After Michtam's destruction in T.C. 4747, the Galaxy Federation transfers it to Miltia in Labyrinthos, where research continues.
  • The U-TIC Organization becomes corrupted and a Zohar struggle, leading to the Miltian Conflict. Shion's despair resonated with the Zohar in Labyrinthos, summoning the Gnosis. After the Miltian Conflict and Miltia is locked in the Abyss, the Zohar is inaccessible in the Abyss for 14 years.

Episode II


Proto Omega in Episode II.

  • MOMO Mizrahi's copy of the Y-Data leaks, and several parties rush to acquire the original Zohar at Miltia. Unfortunately for the Galaxy Federation, Ormus gets there first. The Patriarch Sergius XVII obtains it and attaches it to Proto Omega.
  • Proto Omega is destroyed, leaving it to float in space.
  • The Gnosis Abel's Ark appears, absorbs it, and disappears.

Episode III

  • Albedo extracts it from Abel's Ark and returns it to Michtam.
  • The Zohar is attached to Zarathustra.
  • Yeshua (chaos) and Mary Magdalene (KOS-MOS) use the Zohar to eradicate the Gnosis. A phase shift occurs, and what occurs to the Zohar is ambiguous. It is possible the Zohar is returned to Lost Jerusalem, or is destroyed entirely.

Etymology Edit

The name Zohar (Hebrew for "splendor" or "radiance") is a reference to an important book in Jewish mysticism.


Yes, 'Zohar'... It is what drives all of the Gears on this planet. It is the master generator that transmits its energy to the slave generators in our Gears. It is also the source of all the Ether power that the inhabitants of this planet utilize. By utilizing the energy displacements caused by actualizing potential future phenomenon... this 'Zohar Modifier' has the ability to produce infinite amounts of energy.
Elehayym "Elly" Van Houten

The Zohar as seen in Xenogears.


Elly in Kadomony in the eye of the Zohar.

The Zohar was also based on the Zohar Modifier from Xenosaga's spiritual predecessor Xenogears. In Xenogears, the Zohar Modifier appears as a simple golden monolith with a turquoise eye rather than Xenosaga's ornately designed monolith and jewel. The Xenogears monolith also lacked the "arms" of the Xenosaga monolith which give it the appearance of a cross. In Xenogears, the Zohar Modifier serves as prison for the Wave Existence, and is an essential part of Deus' core engine. The Zohar Modifier is the device used not only by Deus as a source of energy, but also the player character and NPC gears. It is also the source of the populous' ether abilities.

Trivia Edit

  • The Zohar also is similar in appearance and usage to the Monolith from Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey.


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